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Level the playing field for your struggling students with this Quick-Reference 7 Page Mini-Book. This is the game-changing tool many of your Algebra 1 students need and it’s designed to fit perfectly in an interactive notebook.

By providing these invaluable scaffolding tools, you will allow your students to purely focus on the Algebra 1 material at hand…not all of those past skills from previous classes they may have not mastered. So often, all of the prerequisite skills are what bog students down…not the Algebra 1 content. This resource is the unsung hero that gives students just the support that they need so they can feel confident enough to tackle Algebra 1 material.

This mini-book is designed with all of my most referenced tools that have helped my students find success. Here’s what reference materials are included:

  1. Number Line & Coordinate Plane
  2. Perfect Squares and Perfect Cubes (1-10)
  3. Factor Pairs Chart (1-100)
  4. Invisible Math
  5. Fraction Operations

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Open house is stressful. Give yourself some peace of mind knowing you have everything you need, totally done for you! Included is an {editable} open house flyer, presentation, and sign in sheet. Read more about it here.

Keeping Inequality and Interval notation straight can be really tricky for your students. Use this reference poster to help them see the connections between the two representations and finally master the notationHere’s a blog post about it. 

Do your students need a creative way to practice solving 2-step equations? This activity is super collaborative and encourages students to check for mistakes! Want to know more about how to use it in your own classroom? I have a blog post all about it here.