How to use Interactive Notebooks as Study Tools in Algebra 1

Interactive notebooks are study tools at their core. There are many ways to encourage students to develop this relationship with their notebook. Here are a few:

My favorite ways to promote the use of INBs as study tools:

  • Make sure to keep a table of contents so that all pages are numbered and easy to identify
  • When doing a review for a test, have students identify which page each problem on the review best matches with before they attempt the problem. Encourage them to even find a very similar problem to compare their structures. 
  • Allow students to use their notebook on quizzes (and even tests)
  • When doing recap warm-ups, encourage students to look back at notes
  • If a student gets stuck, work on encouraging them to learn how to refer back to notes before giving up
  • Test corrections – students find what page best matches a problem they missed and finds and re-works a similar problem from their notes and then corrects the problem that they missed from the test with a bit of reflection on where they went wrong
  • Include reference pages that are easy to find in the notebook. I often print the most important things on neon paper to make it even easier to find. 

This post is part of the INB 101 – The Basics series.

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